Getting More Traffic & Social Media Etiquette!

Video is powerful! Let me say that again, VIDEO IS POWERFUL! Recently I have done some intense research on how to get free YouTube views to my videos and those videos we custom design for our clients! While there are awesome videos on YouTube about this the simple fact remains that the skills needed to generate authentic and organic traffic remain among the few. We, as a service provider, have strategies that work and they cost money so finding free methods have been a priority for me in my spare time!

Yesterday I started using a program called and it is an “auto view” and “auto like” program where you use a plugin on Firefox and provide the links to your videos where you want more views and then let it run! This morning I woke up to some shared content on Facebook that I did not like so I chose to “revoke access” to my Twitter and YouTube feeds on Facebook. As a published author on using social media for business I know that you should never post content you will regret later!


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After deleting the inappropriate auto shared content by YouTube and Facebook (due in part to the auto likes showing up on Facebook) I wrote this apology on my Facebook page;


Your image and your reputation are on the line in every “post” you make on your social media feeds! If you are in business like me then you have to be careful not to engage in sharing content that does not represent who you are or what your business is about! The top 4 social media platforms (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube) allow you to connect your accounts to auto share your activity on those social media platforms! Be very mindful of the programs you use, the sites you auto connect and the authority you give others and other businesses to post on your behalf because you never know if they are posting or if auto posting is making a bad impression on you!

Social media platforms are always changing things so staying aware will keep you out of hot water with your connections, friends and family! Take “Social Media Etiquette” seriously because you do not want a post or auto post to haunt you in the future! Getting more traffic, likes, views, connections, subscribers is not a bad thing but be mindful that programs that are easy, free or close to free have a catch attached to them and that catch is often you giving up control in certain areas!


About Johnny Giles

I am the owner of Expert Business Presentations and Johnny Bryan Giles and work as a business consultant, business plan writer and RFP writer, social media strategist and published author.
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